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Practice Philosophy

Good Judgment and Technical Expertise. I offer seasoned and practical judgment, which is informed by an understanding of the law and the business objectives. I am an experienced negotiator of business transactions and relationships. I have a feel for what is attainable in the real world, and can structure negotiations and transactions to achieve the business goal. Defining and executing on a clear, well-planned strategy and avoiding unproductive blind alleys are the keys to achieving objectives efficiently and controlling legal costs. Precise and Succinct Drafting. I strive to express a business relationship or transaction precisely, in words that all can understand. Drafting of term sheets, agreements and the like are a critical part of the process of identifying and thinking through the business terms. A well-expressed contract draft speeds the negotiation process, and preserves good business relationships.
Respect for Business Relationships. In a transactional context, a lawyer should not cause unnecessary bad feelings. Even in the context of a dispute, a professional, courteous, and respectful approach usually yields dividends. Accessibility and Promptness. I am in complete control of my practice. This means that clients will deal with me and not an inexperienced associate. Decisions can be made in real time, without time-eating cycles. I control the production of written product, and can assure that deadlines are met.